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Smile design; It is the design made to obtain an aesthetic smile by ensuring that the teeth, lips and gums are in harmony with each other and with each other. It is very important that the design is practical and functional. The shape, location, color, size and relationship of the teeth to each other and to the lips or gums are changed.

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What is Smile Design?

Gum shaping procedures (gingivectomy, gingivoplasty or crown lengthening procedures), teeth whitening, bonding and molding applications, porcelain and composite laminates, full porcelain veneers and botox applications are used to realize the design. When the design is transferred to the patient’s mouth, the patient should feel comfortable, the teeth should not disturb the patient’s chewing or speech, and the teeth should be of a quality that will maintain the health status of the teeth.

At the same time, the designed teeth should be in harmony with the patient’s face and should not look like someone else’s teeth. Although the patient’s teeth are changed with the design, the result should look natural. As a result of smile design, patients’ self-confidence increases and they feel more comfortable socially. Patients who try not to show their teeth while laughing, thinking that their teeth do not look beautiful, start to laugh more comfortably without hiding their teeth after the designs made.

Smile Design Ankara

Patients who apply for smile design applications have very different expectations. Some patients may complain that their gums are too visible when they smile, while others may complain that their teeth are not visible at all. In addition, many patients who apply for smile design are generally dissatisfied with the shape and form of their teeth and the color of their teeth.

The fact that patients apply to clinics with very different complaints and requests for smile design causes very different treatments to be performed within the scope of smile design. Only in cases where the gums are too visible during smiling, gummy smile treatment options such as botox applications and lip repositioning procedures can be applied. However, when this unaesthetic condition is accompanied by deformities in the shape and form of the teeth, it is necessary to apply restorative procedures such as bonding procedures, lamina and porcelain crown applications.

Although a wide variety of prosthetic procedures are performed for smile design procedures, when choosing treatment methods, it is very important to prefer more minimally invasive methods, that is, methods with less or no abrasion of dental tissue, in order to protect the dental tissues of the patients.

How is Smile Design Done?

Smile design starts by learning the patient’s expectations and complaints. The patient is then photographed. A diagnostic model is obtained by taking impressions of the teeth. The data obtained from these photographs and models are transferred to the computer environment and the design is prepared. Many factors such as the relationship of the patient’s lips with the teeth, the shape of the lips while laughing, the peaks of the gums, the positions of the gums that we call papillae between the teeth, the aspect ratios of the teeth and their relationship with other teeth, the harmony of the shape of the teeth with the patient’s facial features are evaluated together.

As a result, the design is obtained in 3D with three-dimensional printers or with the wax modeling method. A mold is obtained from this model and the design is temporarily transferred to the patient’s mouth. The physician and the patient make the final corrections and adjustments on these temporary teeth and photographs are taken again. If the design is deemed appropriate by the patient and the physician, the procedures to be performed to achieve this result are determined and the applications are started. The procedures are started with the necessary gum arrangements in accordance with the design. If there are teeth that need to be treated, whitening is done after the treatment is done, if necessary.

If necessary, porcelain or composite lamina, bonding or molding applications are performed after the whitening procedure. Finally, if there is a need for botox, botox is applied, the lip is positioned and the procedures are completed. Smile design is completed in a short period of time such as one week and ten days if there will be no serious intervention in the gums.

Smile Designers?

Patients who have a smile design should have decided what they want before the procedure and should be well informed about how much the image they want can be transferred to their own teeth. If possible, the physician should inform the patient about what they can and cannot do, using a digital or three-dimensional design. The patient can share photos of people whose teeth they like or photos of their youth with the doctor in order to convey what kind of teeth they want. However, when she shares these photos, she should not expect the same to apply to her, but only to the extent possible.

If the patient’s teeth are suitable, the designs made should be temporarily transferred to the patient’s mouth and the patient should be shown three-dimensionally on his/her own teeth what kind of an image will be formed after the procedure. The patient’s teeth and gums must be made completely healthy before the smile design. Those who have a smile design have a much more aesthetic appearance with their new smiles and their self-confidence increases. Those who have a smile design can smile healthy and confidently for many years with their new smiles. However, good oral hygiene and regular medical check-ups are also very important to maintain the new condition.

Smile Design Prices 2024?

Since each person has a unique smile, a single standard procedure is not performed for everyone when designing a smile. Sometimes laminates and gum shaping are done together, while sometimes the design can be completed with teeth whitening and small composite additions and molding. Relatively few patients require botox applications after the procedures. For this reason, smile design prices vary according to the person to be 2022, that is, the scope of the treatment to be performed.

It varies depending on the application to be performed, when more extensive operations are performed, the prices increase depending on the planned operations. In addition to the variety of procedures to be performed, the expertise or experience of the physician performing the treatment is also one of the factors that determine the price. In addition, the quality of the materials used during the treatments and working with a good technician directly affect the price and the results of the smile design. In summary, factors such as the scope of the treatment and the procedures to be performed, the quality of the materials used, the experience and expertise of the physician, and the quality of the technicians employed are important when evaluating the price issue.

What is Smile Design?

It is a design made to achieve an aesthetic smile by ensuring that the teeth, lips and gums are in harmony within themselves and with each other.

2024 How Much Are Smile Design Prices?

It varies depending on the application to be performed, when more extensive procedures are carried out, the prices also increase depending on the planned procedures.

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