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Pedodontics, i.e. pediatric dentistry, is a branch of dentistry that deals with the protection and treatment of milk and permanent teeth of children aged 0-12 years. It aims to inform families and children about oral and dental health, to inform them about the effects of eating habits on dental health and to support families in acquiring dental care habits.

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What is Pedodontics?

In terms of treatment, fluoride applications, compomer and composite fillings, amputation, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, removable and fixed placeholder applications, treatment of dental trauma, pit and fissure sealent applications and pediatric prostheses are within the field of pedodontics. The biggest goal in pedodontics is to protect the child’s teeth and perform the necessary treatments without frightening or traumatizing the child.

The procedures to be carried out are explained in a language appropriate to the child’s age, and procedures are carried out with his/her consent. In cases where the child is not compatible with the treatment, it may be necessary to perform the procedure under general anesthesia, especially if multiple procedures are to be performed in children whose prejudices we cannot overcome. When general anesthesia is used, all the child’s procedures are completed in one go. The child also comes to the control sessions more comfortably because he/she knows that his/her teeth will not be treated again and that his/her teeth are healthy. Thus, the possibility of experiencing fear of the dentist at an advanced age is reduced.

Ankara Pedodontics Specialist

When choosing a pedodontic specialist, as in other areas, it is important to have a specialist who communicates well with the child and the family and whose experience and knowledge you trust. A pediatric dentist can be more effective in communicating with the child, motivating the child about oral care and preventing fear of the dentist. Since the child’s milk teeth guide the permanent teeth, milk teeth are of great importance for the healthy formation of permanent teeth.

In addition, since milk teeth remain in the mouth until the age of 12, they are of great importance for the child’s nutrition, language development, psycho-social development and general health. For this reason, the health of milk teeth is as important as permanent teeth. In addition, primary teeth act as placeholders for permanent teeth and guide them as they erupt. Therefore, crowded teeth can be observed due to the loss of milk teeth at an early age. For all these reasons, it is very important to keep milk teeth healthy in the mouth in many ways. Milk teeth that have to be extracted as a result of severe loss of material, decay or trauma should be replaced with removable or fixed retainers.

Ankara Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists, in other words pedodontists, are specialists who take preventive measures and perform the necessary treatments from the first tooth eruption of children until all the milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. In addition to informing children and families about oral dental health, fluoride application, preventive applications such as fissure sealant, treatment of decayed teeth, amputation, tooth extraction, pediatric dentures and placeholders are also applied by pediatric dentists.

The priority in pediatric dentistry is preventive treatment. In addition, thanks to pediatricians who know how to communicate with children in an age-appropriate manner, children can overcome their fear of the dentist or a child who has just met the dentist does not experience fear of the dentist. Especially for children who have not been to the dentist before, an introductory appointment is arranged as a first appointment. At this appointment, if the child does not want to sit in the dentist’s chair and be examined, it is absolutely not insisted. The child is introduced to the clinic and the environment where the treatments will take place.

They are allowed to play with the hand tools or devices to be used in a way that does not harm themselves and to spend time in the clinic without treatment. In this way, the child will be more comfortable in the clinic at the treatment appointment, having already gotten to know the environment. In this preparation phase, the family’s task is to encourage the child and never tell the child about their own dentist phobias, if any. Again, during the communication phase of the pedodontist, he/she should help the physician and follow what the physician says.

Ankara Pediatric Dentist Appointment

When scheduling appointments for children, the child’s sleeping and feeding times should be taken into account. It can be very difficult to communicate with a hungry and/or sleep deprived child. In addition, if the child has a playtime that he/she is used to or if he/she knows that his/her friends are doing an activity together, coming to the dentist at that time can also make children react against the dentist. Considering these points, it is useful to try to arrange a suitable appointment time.

In addition to the appointment time, what the family tells the child before the appointment or what the child overhears is of great importance in the physician-child relationship. A child who hears the bad experiences of people who are afraid of the dentist at home is rightly very prejudiced and fearful of the dentist.

In addition, some of the well-intentioned words spoken by parents may be misinterpreted by the child. When you say ‘it won’t hurt’, the child may interpret this as ‘it means it might hurt’, or when you say ‘they won’t give you an injection’, they may think ‘it means they give you an injection’. For this reason, it would be a better approach to explain to the child with a very short clear sentence or two before the dentist appointment and leave the actual information to the specialist who is experienced in this field.

What is Pedodontics?

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with the protection and treatment of milk and permanent teeth of children aged 0-12 years.

Which Doctor Treats Children’s Teeth?

Pediatric dentists, in other words pedodontists, are specialists who take preventive measures and perform the necessary treatments from the first tooth eruption of children until all the milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth.

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