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Ankara Gum Treatment. Gum diseases are a kind of infectious disease that occurs as a result of the patient’s inability to provide effective and correct oral care or brushing teeth for a short time. Bleeding gums, gingival recession, swelling and edema in the gums, and loose teeth are important signs of gum disease. Patients with these complaints should immediately consult a periodontologist (gum disease specialist).

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What are Gum Diseases?

To the specialist dentist Antibiotics and mouthwashes used unconsciously without being seen can cause the bone around the patient’s teeth to continue to dissolve, and after a while the patient may lose their teeth. Scaling is definitely not a harmful procedure. It is important to remember that tartar actually contains bacteria. There are many treatment methods depending on the type and severity of the gum problem.

In some cases, a simple scaling is sufficient treatment for patients, while in other cases, gum treatments such as curettage or flap may be necessary. In appropriate cases, bone grafting can be performed around the teeth in combination with flap surgeries to keep the teeth in the mouth. After all gum treatments, regular oral care with the right technique and at the appropriate time is important to restore and maintain your gum health.

Ankara Gum Diseases Specialist

Various treatment plans are applied depending on the severity and type of gum disease. In patients with mild gum disease, only scaling is sufficient for treatment. Curettage is performed in patients with more severe gingivitis but without severe bone loss.

In addition to scaling, curettage can be defined as the process of removing the inflamed tissues inside the gums. It is done with local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. After the procedure, cold sensitivity of the teeth may be observed, but this sensitivity usually disappears after a certain period of time. In individuals with gum disease with moderate or severe bone loss, surgical treatments are usually applied.

With flap surgeries, the areas with gingivitis are opened and cleaned. After the procedure, sutures are applied and the tissues are positioned where they should be. Some gingival recession is observed after flap surgeries, but this is a recession that occurs in line with the purpose of the treatment and that the physician wants to happen. Flap surgeries are also performed under local anesthesia.

Although not always, in patients with very severe bone loss, gum treatments cannot be performed and tooth extraction has to be performed. Since each patient’s jaw bone levels will be at different levels and of different types, a detailed examination by a specialist dentist (periodontologist – gum disease specialist) will be appropriate to evaluate all these treatment options correctly.

Treatment of Gum Recession Ankara

The consequences of gum disease can be observed in two different ways. The first is the formation of periodontal pockets with bone loss due to gum infection. The other is in cases where gingival recession is observed with bone loss. Gingival recession can occur due to gingivitis, as well as gingival recession due to improper brushing. Gum recession can be observed as a result of horizontal movements or traumatic forces during tooth brushing. Cold sensitivity occurs in areas with gum recession.

In addition, the cementum tissue of the tooth root is exposed in these areas. Cementum tissue is more prone to decay and abrasion than other tissues of the tooth. Treatment of gum recession is necessary and important for these reasons. Although the treatment of gingival recession is mostly surgical applications, it can also be treated without surgical methods with some restorative methods.

In some of the surgical methods applied in gum treatments, various applications are performed by removing a soft tissue piece from the patient’s palate; in some methods, it can be performed without removing soft tissue from the palate. What is important in these treatments is that a specialist physician (periodontologist – gum disease specialist) foresees all the existing risks and success possibilities in the patient and applies the appropriate treatment planning after the patient accepts all the risks.

Laser Gum Treatment Ankara

Different treatment methods for different types of gum disease have been scientifically available for many years. In order to update these treatment methods, the use of different devices and instruments has been added to these methods. Laser is one of the technological devices used in periodontal treatment, that is, in the treatment of gum diseases. Lasers are used for several different purposes in gum treatments.

In gum surgeries, laser use may be preferred instead of cutting the gums with a scalpel. In this way, the laser allows for a surgical procedure with less bleeding and faster healing of post-surgical wounds. In patients with gray – purple melanin pigmentation in the gums, laser use provides great convenience compared to other conventional methods.

The fact that there is almost no bleeding during the procedure provides great convenience for the physician to see the surgical field. In addition, the use of laser offers the patient a faster and less painful recovery after surgery. Lasers are also used for surface decontamination of tooth roots during flap surgeries. However, further clinical studies are needed for the routine use of lasers for this purpose.

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