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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implant dental treatment is an evidence-based treatment method that has been used for many years all over the world in the treatment of tooth deficiency. In cases of total tooth loss, dental implants are applied to enable the patient to use a more comfortable prosthesis, whether fixed or removable.

In partial (partial) tooth deficiencies, dental implants are applied to the toothless area to prevent the cutting of neighboring teeth and to maintain the integrity of the teeth. In most cases where the width or height of the bone is insufficient, implant applications can be successfully performed with various bone grafting procedures. In cases where bone grafting procedures are performed, it is necessary to wait an additional period of time for the implant to heal, depending on the type of procedure performed.

During the procedures, no pain is felt after anesthesia. Detailed information about the procedures will be given to you by our physicians before and during the procedure. Although the success of dental implants depends on many factors, the lifespan of dental implants is directly proportional to the patient’s regular check-ups and proper oral care. The patient’s systemic condition and habits such as smoking also affect the health of the implants in the mouth.

These are artificial tooth roots made of titanium in the form of screws placed in the jawbone to provide the function and aesthetics of missing teeth. Depending on the need, a crown or bridge can be built over it or a removable prosthesis (total or partial) can be used as a support carrier to increase retention. Implants and implant components can be placed either by a Dentist or by a Specialist such as a Surgeon or Periodontologist.

Dental implant treatments for patients with missing teeth have been successfully performed since the mid-60s. Today, there are many patients who have been using implants for more than forty years. Dental implants have developed very rapidly and have become an indispensable treatment option today.

How is Ankara Implant Treatment Performed?

Ankara implant treatment surgeries are performed under local anesthesia. After local anesthesia is administered, wait for a sufficient time, make sure that numbness is achieved and start the treatment. Without going into too much medical detail, the patient’s gum is removed and the bone is prepared for the implant. A dental implant is placed in this prepared socket. In cases where the thickness or height of the bone is insufficient, the amount of bone is increased by choosing the appropriate bone grafting procedure.

Depending on the severity and location of bone loss, bone grafting procedures are performed in the session where the implant will be placed when appropriate, while in cases with more severe bone loss, bone grafting procedures are performed first and implant surgery is performed after waiting for new bone formation. After dental implant surgery, it is necessary to wait for a healing period of about 2 to 3 months for the implant surface to merge with the bone.

After the healing period, healing caps (gingiva former) are placed on the implants to shape the gums and make the implant prosthesis look more natural. After the gums are sufficiently shaped with the healing caps, the implant prostheses are started to be made by taking impressions.

What are the advantages of implants?

There are 6 important reasons to choose implants over other dental solutions;

  1. Implants are as strong, aesthetic and functional as your natural teeth. When you use it, it feels like your natural teeth.
  2. Bone loss over time in the area of tooth loss is preserved with implant treatment.
  3. There is no need to cut the adjacent teeth for bridge construction. It is a method that completely protects the teeth.
  4. You do not need to use removable dentures if you are missing many or all teeth. It allows you to use a fixed prosthesis.
  5. It is a completely comfortable dental solution. As a result of dental implants, people’s quality of life is greatly improved. It is certain that the lives of individuals who use removable prostheses are more comfortable after implant treatments.
  6. It prolongs the life of the remaining teeth in the mouth. As a result of teeth lost over time, the remaining teeth are exposed to more chewing forces and these forces cause teeth to be lost more quickly. This problem does not occur in implant-supported jaws.

Are There Risks of Dental Implants?

There are no risks associated with proper implants. Mistakes made in implant applications have little or no chance of being corrected in the future. For this reason, patients who decide to have a dental implant must have a good Dentist and should prefer brands that have proven their success.

Dental Implants

Implant patients should have detailed information about dental implant treatment, things to be considered before and after treatment and the care of implant prostheses. Since each person’s mouth and jaw structure is unique, it is not correct to give clear information about treatment planning, but there are issues that physicians should question about the patients to whom implants will be applied before treatment.

The most important of these is the systemic condition of the patients. Patients’ previous systemic diseases (cancer, heart attack, etc.), existing systemic diseases (diabetes mellitus, etc.) or various treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, various surgeries, etc.) and medications (bisphosphonates, etc.) should be learned in detail. In some cases where medications that affect bone metabolism such as bisphosphonates are used, implant construction may not be appropriate.

In addition, the implant treatment of patients who have undergone certain treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy should be postponed for a certain period of time in consultation with their oncologists. Although diabetes (diabetes) should be approached cautiously, studies have suggested that there is no problem in implant construction in individuals with diabetes under control. In addition to these, patients’ habits such as smoking, tobacco use and tooth brushing are among the issues that should be evaluated before implant applications.

After Implant Treatment

After implant surgery, as after any surgical procedure, there are things to pay attention to. The most important of these is to take the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly. Since dental implant applications are bone-related surgeries, antibiotics are usually recommended for patients.

Regular use of antibiotics is important to prevent infection of the surgical field. In addition, keeping the surgical site clean is also important against infection. Patients may be offered mouthwashes and sprays to clean the surgical site. On the day of surgery, patients are told not to spit. Spitting, consuming hot food or drink and drinking fluids through a straw on the day of surgery can cause bleeding and therefore delayed healing of the surgical site.

Since it is not appropriate to spit on the day of surgery, patients are advised not to brush their teeth on the first day. However, starting from the second day, it is strongly recommended that patients brush their teeth so as not to damage the surgical sites. Apart from bleeding, swelling and bruising may occur on the face of the patients in direct proportion to the size and duration of the surgery. To reduce the possibility of swelling and bruising, anti-inflammatory drugs should be used regularly, as recommended by your doctor.

In addition, cold compresses (ice application) should be applied intermittently on the day of surgery. Until the sutures are removed, the surgical site should be kept clean but not bruised. It should also be kept in mind that when patients try to look at the surgical field by pulling the cheek or lip, it may cause the sutures to break.

Implant Complaints

Implant complaints related to implant treatment are usually bleeding, pain, swelling, abscess or pus flow from the gum around the implant. Such complaints are usually associated with peri-implantitis, a disease characterized by bone loss around the implant. There may be many reasons for this bad picture.

Excessive smoking and poor oral hygiene are important factors for peri-implantitis. In addition, as the severity of peri-implantitis increases, the bone loss around the implant continues to increase and eventually the implant may begin to wobble. The most important stage to prevent peri-implantitis is the implant planning phase. In patients who smoke excessively and do not pay attention to oral hygiene, implants should not be considered, considering the problems that patients will experience in the following periods.

Nevertheless, in cases where peri-implantitis develops, early detection and treatment is very important. Early diagnosis and treatment of peri-implantitis is possible. In some cases, curettage of the inflamed tissue around the implant alone is sufficient to treat peri-implantitis. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform bone grafting around the implant or to remove the implant in cases of severe bone loss.

Ankara Implant Treatment Centers

Implants are artificial roots used in the treatment of missing teeth. The main materials of construction of implants are titanium and zirconium. 90% titanium is used. It is a body-friendly material. The success rate of the implant is 98%. This is a very high rate in terms of health.

Implants are used for single tooth and multiple tooth deficiencies. Especially in the absence of a single tooth, a single implant is used instead of cutting the neighboring teeth.

Although the lifespan of the implants is not given a clear period, the success rate is very high in 10-year studies. Therefore, their lifespan is much longer than fixed and removable prostheses. After the construction of the implant, maintenance and periodic checks are very important. Patients who come for regular check-ups and take regular oral care can use their implants successfully for a very long time.

Ankara Implant Prices 2024

Ankara implant prices 2024 are in a very wide range, depending on many variables. Many factors such as the brand of the dental implant and the country of manufacture have an impact on the price. Most patients may see the implant as simple titanium screws and think that the price difference is meaningless. This thinking is wrong.

Implants are composed of titanium alloys and the alloy content and the hardness of the titanium are the factors that determine the durability and biocompatibility of the dental implant. In addition, the surface coating alloys of the implant are also of great importance in terms of the percentage of osseointegration of dental implants with bone. High-quality titanium alloy content and surface coatings are factors that increase the success of implants.

In addition, the use of quality implant spacers and the use of original prosthetic spacers are factors that increase implant costs along with treatment quality. In addition to material costs, the professional experience and expertise of the physician performing implant treatment are among the factors that determine the price.

The implant surgery fees of specialist and general practitioner dentists differ. In line with all this information, it is not possible to give a price for implant treatments without examining the patient.

2024 Turkish Dental Association Implant Dental Prices

Treatment Name.Price Excluding VAT 2024Price including 8% VAT 2024
Implant Supported Removable Prostheses (Excluding Precision Retainer Fee – Single Jaw)Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Veneer Crown (Ceramic) on Implant (Abutment Fee Excluded) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Implant Guide (Half Jaw) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Implant Guide (Full Jaw) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Capisone Isolation – Implant Top Opening Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Reimplantation Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Intra Bone Implant (Single Cylindrical Implant Fee Excluded) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Implant Removal Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Zigoma Implant (Implant Fee Excluded) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Peri-Implantitis (Surgery) (Biomaterial and Membrane Fee Excluded) (Single Imp.) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Peri-Implantitis (Non-Surgical) (Single Imp.) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Hard tissue grafting (excluding graft fee) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price
Sinus Lifting (Biomaterial Fee Excluded) Please ask for a price Please ask for a price

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Implant?

In cases of total tooth loss, dental implants are applied to enable the patient to use a more comfortable prosthesis, whether fixed or removable.

What is the range of Ankara Implant Prices 2024 Prices?

Ankara implant prices are determined by the pre-treatment examination as the treatments to be performed will differ due to the current condition of the patient.

How is the implant made?

Implant surgeries are performed under local anesthesia. After local anesthesia is administered, wait for a sufficient time, make sure that numbness is achieved and start the treatment.

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